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Writing is Free Therapy

:::Andrea B:::
12 November
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I am Andrea. I am a beloved Daughter of God. I am not the best “best friend.” I am an admirer of God’s artistic handiwork. I am loud. I am Mrs. Brown. I am aware of my purpose, but uncertain of the best itinerary. I am an artist of the pen, vocals, music, spirit, and heart. I am insecure in the flesh, but secure in all things with Jesus. I am a dreamer within realities. I am my own muse. I am my husband's best friend and heart for life. I am a bookworm. I am way too serious. I am astonished by the worth of God’s mercy. I am an advocate of a woman's rights. I am silently analytical. I am passionate about privacy. I am rarely consistent in descriptions. I am me.

So very much in love with and married to my best friend Stephen Brown since 02/24/2007.