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18 January 2010 @ 11:30 pm
Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, looks who's back on LiveJournal???

Indeed, I have returned.  It is a new year and as is customary with new years, I've developed a list of resolutions.  But why, oh why set yourself up for failure, you may ask?  Just to prove that I may actually stick to one and succeed. 
This list will ever increase over the next month (or several, therefore defeating the point) so I'll probably just add them as the entries come along.  These are not only for this year, no, more for the rest of my life - only beginning this year.  No more explanations, here are the life resolutions:

1. Read the Bible at least twice a day and converse with the Author even more frequently throughout the day.

2. Drink more hot herbal tea (rather than coffee) and hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows.

3. Actually take Stephen's advice for EVERYTHING - not the second or third time (and thank him for not saying, "I told you so" when it turns out to be just what I needed in the first place)

4. Cut back on the meat intake - veggies and fruits do lovely things for one's body.

5. Write letters to all your students telling them just how beautiful they really are without all the artificial enhancements and the forced unnatural personalities.

6. Call Mom at least once every two weeks.  I know, I know, but you can do it.

7. Go to sleep at a decent hour.  Oh, you're already failing at this one, but you can work on it.

8. Read more Christian fiction - better yet, read all the books you've already read and see what things you missed the first (or second) time you read it.

9. Worship and sing more freely than you've ever imagined you could - God loves you like crazy - show Him just how much you love Him too.

10. Incorporate exercise into any physical activity.

There. Ten is a healthy start.

Thank you Erin :)
My girls (students in the youth ministry) have asked me endless questions about when I was their age and if I really do understand where they're coming from.  I was trying to remember the type of person I was, because I did remember, just not very clearly.  Now I do remember and those past entries (alongside my two physical journals) will be a tremendous help for ministering to these young ladies.

Other than that, this will be yet another healthy stress-reliever for me.  I do love options.

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30 January 2009 @ 09:36 pm
So today was busy.

Everything has changed since 2006... or the year of my last entries.  Too much to try and explain, so I'll just carry on.

Made 181 calls today. 

I'm semi-upset/overwhelmed/frustrated/scared/angry about the news.  I'll just call it the news.  That seems safest at this point.  It's too much right now.  I understand there is this thing that must be cared for and done, but why?  Why not another? 

It just seems so strange.  It hasn't been that long and all of sudden (well, not quite, but it certainly feels like it) this.  And just when something else was planned...

I shouldn't make such a big deal, but seriously?  I'm not settled in that decision.  I haven't even begun to consider it.  Truly.  Would you think there would be some other sign?  No, not a sign.  A big flashing warning, blinking "Caution!"  I suppose even that is too easy.

Head hurting. 

Welcome back, Andrea. :/

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27 January 2006 @ 10:33 am

Found a moment of peace during my tumult of Friday classes. 

I put in a "warning" on Monday requesting Sundays off and guess what??  They actually gave it to me!  I was all prepared to find another job.  Filling out applications, updating my resume, and such.  AND they gave me a pay raise... I suppose they really need me.  *feeling oddly loved*

SO, now I'm stressed out with this stupid car situation.  My parents pin it on me like it's my fault that my car broke down and we're constantly having these little meetings of "We need to communicate more so we aren't planning things at the last minute."  Yeah, okay.  Where are we going to find time for that?  Just yell through the bathroom door while I'm rushing through my shower.  Splendid thought. 

Hopefully my car will be healed by this week.  I don't exactly like having to carpool with my whiny brother who needs to find a new place of employment more desperately than I do (well, did).  He's been there for three years and I'm getting paid more than him (it'll be a year for me in March). 

At least I have the support of my instructors... Mr. McA is awesome.  Why couldn't I have had a gentler dad like some of these other guys?  Sure, I appreciate that he doesn't 'baby' me, but I would like it if he would tone it down a bit - as in his talking to me and such. 

Stephen is more engaging again.  He actually came to visit me at work last night *gasp!*  Haha... no, it's not a big deal.  I had hoped that he could've brought me home rather than my brother who won't let go of ANYTHING UNNECESSARY that happened eons or miniscule moments ago.   I'm not sure that made any sense.  >_<

Pish posh.  Enough.

Thankfully the second volume of Pride and Prejudice finally came (via Netflix) and I barely started watching it last night.  That is most definitely what this afternoon will consist of.  Capital idea indeed.

Muah, love to all my dearies.  ESPECIALLY Allie - you made this day SO much more manageable.  It's amazing how I can live on nice words. :D <3

-aa <><

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17 January 2006 @ 02:26 pm

I don’t know what’s wrong with me anymore.  Ha, no really, it’s a good thing that I don’t have to dwell on "stress."  It’s just there and I shall stick my tongue out in its direction.  Pht.

Can’t exactly detail what happened, but my current employment at the most socialistic company in the world (well... I’m sure Target could beat it out, considering the French-ie roots) is coming quickly to an end.  They were given a second opportunity to prove me wrong about their indifference in the well-being of their associates and support an employee during a most sudden and incredibly stupid situation, BUT proving me correct they shushed the whole ordeal.  Fine.  I didn’t want any publicity on it either.

So, I won’t press charges and it’ll be kept on the DL, like I wanted.

As soon as I can get a vehicle in my vicinity (considering mine’s in the shop, Daniel’s working on his, and the parentals are both utilizing theirs) I’ll head out with my lovely printed-on-resume-paper resumes and ready to fill out applications.  I’m hoping for the Hallmark store... or some other nice place that’s closed on Sundays.  :D  That’s my main priority.

I had a terrible dream last night during the two hours that I actually slept.  So I pulled my laptop on my lap (haha) and started typing.  I typed for a solid seven hours before stopping to actually read what I was typing.  There’s an amazing story/script in the making... and I just decided to start on it at one this morning...

Exciting.  It’s a beautifully sad story really, but it’ll be remembered.  I ought to keep typing.  I haven’t had this much inspiration in over a year.  Style’s improved dramatically... not sure where I got it from - journal (written) entries??  Wherever it came from I’m glad it’s back.   Possibilities are endless.

I LOVE YOU ERICA WILLIS!!!  ...just wanted to throw that in : )

Later and love,

-aa <><

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23 December 2005 @ 12:17 am

Streptococcus pyrogenes  - exactly what I wanted for Christmas!!  -___-;;

Yeah, so I've got strep throat.  According to the doctor, it's a particularly nasty strain.  Symptoms are about to kill me just as the antibiotics/decongestants were, but I've adjusted.  Luckily I spoke to one of the "nicer" managers on the phone about not going to work and he was sympathetic.  He better be.  That's where I got sick in the first place.  Gr...

The doctor (she was super cool... very casual - which I don't normally find at Keesler) kept telling me how amazing it was that it was in its advanced stages and had I come to the hospital sooner the results wouldn't have been positive.  She was surprised the culture results came back so quickly (apparently it takes twenty-four hours - mine took seven) and assured me I’d be better by Christmas. \^ ^/

It’s terrible... I keep brushing my mouth since this particular bacteria excretes a terrible odor and it tastes/smells disgusting.  Ew... SO, I've been moping around the house, losing weight, drinking ginger ale (when my throat permits), and sleeping on the couch.  That's all fine and dandy, but I'd like to get better.  Just an hour ago swallowing became considerably easier.  I woke up from watching the end of an old Hugh Grant movie *sigh* and while stretching I realized I didn't swallow on pain.  Rather it's this lump that I'm sure I can get rid of with warm salt water.  My entire neck is still very swollen and my head hurts constantly.  The rest of me is fine!  Head down is lovely, head up is hell.  Crazy.

I'm going to try and stay awake until two so I can take my next installment of Amoxcillin. 

Dad had to remove my Yahoo Messenger due to SpyWare and all the crap.  So no Y!M for me.  I didn't have much time for it anyway. 

Got the itinerary for the Winter Retreat today and absolutely raved over it.  Can't wait!!  Four more days - plenty of time to shop for necessary clothing and such.  Well, off to mope some more. 

Muah all!

-aa <><

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18 December 2005 @ 11:46 pm

Kelly brought this up in one of her entries.

I sometimes answer the phone at the fitting room and I've been reported (not that it counted or anything) for saying "Happy Holidays" in the intro-answering-the-phone bit.  When I first started it (back around Thanksgiving), I just rotated from "Happy Thanksgiving" to "Happy Holidays."  When December hit, I went ahead and started "Merry Christmas" alongside the "Happy Holidays." 

So, per management, I'm just sticking with Merry Christmas.  I even return the "Feliz Navidad" I'm given from the Spanish customers I help (they're so friendly).  Nothing wrong with that.  It may not fly in the classroom setting, but places of employment still have immunity.  I can only imagine all the court cases with religious (of all sorts, not just Christianity) discrimination this season...

Lord knows people say Christ all the time -- what's wrong with Christmas

Silly people.  OFF the semi-soap-box.

ANYWAY, I'm going to Gatlinburg, TN for the Winter Retreat!!!!  HECK YES!!!  I'm SOO GLAD they let me off on such a short notice.  I can't think of a better way to bring in the New Year... Jeremy Camp, Third Day, a great hotel, my youth group - XD FUN STUFF.

I'm excited.  REALLY excited.  I've been church-event-deprived for too long now (there was an event in July I had to miss), so I'm going to make the most of it.  My parents are paying for it - <3<3<3 - so all I need to focus on is warm clothes.  ...ha, and preparing my heart and mind for the conference/concert.  Just a little important. 

I'm sleepy.  First semester's done, so no class tomorrow morning.  I want to do something after work... hm.  Oh well.  Maybe if BROWN would call me.  -__-  I tried calling once this morning after church and a second time this evening before work.  Perhaps he really has drained all his minutes.  Tsk.

MUAH to all.  Keep toasty.

-aa <><

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06 December 2005 @ 05:01 pm

I've contracted a head cold from lack of sleep and the fitting room phone.  Ew.

Tagged by lysabell: List 7 songs you're way into right now, no matter how much they suck, in no particular order. Then tag seven people who have to do it too.

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4. Jeremy Camp - My Desire
5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas... by whoever sings it best
6. Stacie Orrico - Strong Enough
7. LaRue - Fly

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I'm afraid to talk to anyone on the phone... I'm all nasal.  And now I'm off to shop with my Mommy Dearest at the last place I want to be.  AND when I get home, I'm going to watch Phantom of the Opera.  Wanna snuggle and watch with me?  I promise I'll try not to get you sick.  Totally joshin.


-aa <><

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02 December 2005 @ 01:18 am

Why do I have to sleep anyway? 

I get to this hour/minute in the evening (ha, it's really morning) where it's just impossible to sleep.  Then again there's a time of the evening (actual evening) that I am tired, but it's waaaayy too early to go to bed then. 

I just don't get it.  I feel like I could stay awake forever or something.  Okay, not forever, but for a long time.  I've got this old M2M song in my head... it's really nice, just wish I had the download or something. 

I've been driving Mom's Jeep around since Dad broke my car (well, the car broke when he tried to fix something).  I'm aiming toward a truck now... little cars scare me.  I keep seeing accidents wherever I go and these cars are all little and stuff... like my car.  It's fun sure, I can fit into places no one else can, but I'd rather have a bumper above like I did with the van.  My dad's proud of me.  Accomplishment for the month - YES.

-____- I just don't know what to do.  I wish I could write.  Just be a writer and write novels and live on the beach somewhere on the Pacific in Oregon (or somewhere)... that'd be so nice.  I don't like work.  New employees at McDonald's are getting paid higher than me, a ten-month Wal-Mart associate.  Hell, even new associates at Wal-Mart are getting the upper hand.  At least two dollars more than me.  Really, I should quit ranting and be patient until January when I write my two-weeks.  Gr... I'll be missing SO much between now and then. 

I was already telling Adam (I saw him at work today, just about had a sob party) there's no way they're letting me off for the Winter Retreat... and any possible church programs are a no-go.  It's just depressing.  Okay, okay, at least I've got a job.  I am happy about the check I just got today, but even my holiday pay was less than those new people... *sobs*

I didn't have a great Thanksgiving.  Really, I didn't.  And it's really my own fault because I didn't accept anyone's invite to their dinner/lunch thing.  I was just too depressed in the first place to even walk outside and get the mail.  But that's over with.  Rumour is that I won't be working Christmas... no one will.  Stores will be closed....?  Not sure yet. 

I need to go watch a movie... hm... something to put me to sleep.  Scratch that, a book.  No... a movie.  Whatever.


-aa <><

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26 November 2005 @ 02:23 am

Another one of those things going around... figured I'd jump off the bridge too.Collapse )

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24 November 2005 @ 01:03 pm

Having Thanksgiving on my own isn't so bad -- reheating the food isn't fun though.  -_-

I'll be glad when I can quit (on good terms) Wal-Mart and apply at the Thrift Store or somewhere else not open on Sundays/holidays.  Who knows?  Wal-Mart might reconsider my schedule.

...psh, yeah right.

Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

GET FAT!!  It's why we have such a holiday!  Then work it off before Christmas in which you should get fat again and make a resolution to lose more weight when eating your heart out at New Years' parties

Makes sense... in that American-logic way.  I love you!

-aa <><

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